The Pot Calling the Kettle Black?

Alex Jones, Ted Anderson, Jeff Rense & GCN - March/April 2009

July 4, 2009
Lorie Kramer

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"Oho!' said the pot to the kettle;
"You are dirty and ugly and black!
Sure no one would think you were metal,
Except when you're given a crack."

"Not so! not so!" kettle said to the pot;
'Tis your own dirty image you see;
For I am so clean -without blemish or blot-
That your blackness is mirrored in me"

"Maxwell's Elementary Grammar" school book copyright 1904

No one has to tell you, these are trying times, (are you sick of those two words yet?) we can see it all around us. We are frustrated, we are afraid, we are unsure about the future. Heck, we're even unsure about the present. We don't know who we can trust, we are angry, hurt and tired from being lied to and manipulated. Sometimes the stress of it all can take its toll.

Those who go deeper than what is presented to the "main stream" know this even more acutely than the rest of the "sheeple." If one is not a sheeple, it can be very difficult to find people of like mind when even having a Ron Paul bumper sticker on one's car marks one as a possible terrorist. (BTW, I had 3 on my car, one on my front door and a front yard sign, and even helped paint a whole HOUSE!, so there!, :-P nyah) Which brings me to the point of this piece.

Most, if not all, of you realize the threats to Freedom of Speech these days. The "Hate Bill" going through Congress being the most current glaring example. The right to speak one's opinion is something that can not be given only to a select group of people or individuals. It goes across the board, or it doesn't go at all. If everyone does not have the same right to free thought and opinion, the word "free" can not be applied to the situation.

The ever bashed so-called Main Stream Media is a far cry from the journalism of the past. The MSM deserves pretty much all of the bashing it gets; its offenses are blatant and arrogant. After working in independent media for over a decade, I have learned to expect such behavior and antics from the MSM. They're dogs.

During the months of March and April 2009, I unfortunately realized that the same kind of attitude can be found in the growing independent media world, as well. What I heard, learned, and observed over the months of March and April, and beyond; has saddened and even sickened me at times. Because of this I feel it needs to be noted that what happened with Alex Jones, Ted Anderson, Jeff Rense and GCN smacks of the same kind of manipulative, egotistic and half-truth machinations that might be expected at the level of FOX News. That's a pretty rough statement considering the people we're talking about here are supposed to be about free speech and the rights and sovereignty of the individual.

They claim to be out there supporting the "Patriots", their audiences are growing. They should be supporting each other, as well. Isn't everyone supposed to be on the same side here? Heck y'all go on each other's shows, or you used to. The same guests bounce around the shows, until recently. That's how it should be. Instead, all hell broke loose at GCN resulting in the forced removal of Rense from the GCN network and everyone accusing everybody else of being "agents" and "disruptors." It was nauseating to observe. It still is.

As I watched the situation develop, I could hardly believe my eyes and ears. What went down was the kind of stuff we are all supposed to be fighting AGAINST. To see this level of behind the scenes drama and the resulting disruption to the programs and hosts and listeners involved made me question whether it is possible for a true journalist to even survive on this planet anymore.

I guess we'll find out after this, eh?

I will pre-empt here and say no, Alex, and Ted, this is NOT part of "an obvious campaign to try to get the patriot movement to turn on itself" by writing this. I am not "attacking" anyone or trying to shut anyone up. I am telling the truth about how I watched the movement turn on itself, all by itself, with YOUR effort, and support. I am not trying to "silence" or "destroy" anyone. I am holding people accountable for their actions.

I want you to walk your talk, damn it, all of you.

If you say that looking at one's "fruits" is a measure of a man, I'm here to tell you, I see some major spoilage going on. If you expect people to listen to you with trust and respect, you have to behave in a manner that is worthy of those things; especially if you are going to take their money.

None of you, not a one, is as big or important as you seem to think you are. You are just like the rest of us, fighting in our own ways.

These are turning out to be the hardest pages I have ever done. I am so angry and frustrated. Not because I am afraid of becoming a "target" or afraid that I am going to be sued, but because I am so fed up with all the crap. I'm not afraid of any of this stuff. These are just people, just like you. Because they are on the radio and/or TV does not change that, it does not give them super powers, they are not magic.

So bear with me; or don't, and go click on something else.

And YES, it is without a doubt loooooong and to comments about that, I say tough!

You can't sound-byte this stuff, and this one has hit real close to home for me, too, so I'm telling it the way I see it, on MY site.

It's called Freedom of Speech, look it up if you can't remember what it means anymore.

OK, let's get to it. It's going to be a very bumpy ride, let's just do our best to get to the other side, in one peace.

Let's continue...

Who's Fighting Whom?

For a Covetous Man to inveigh against Prodigality, an Atheist against Idolatry,
a Tyrant against Rebellion, or a Lyer against Forgery,
and a Drunkard against Intemperance, is for the Pot to call the Kettle black.

Such Reproof would have but little Success;
because it would carry but little Authority with it.

William Penn. (16441718) Fruits of Solitude - Compleat Virtue



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Lorie Kramer
Houston, TX

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