Alex Jones is NOT Bill Hicks

Lorie Kramer - Houston, TX

One of the stupidist "conspiracy theories" I have ever heard is that Alex Jones is Bill Hicks. OMG!! Are you kidding me?

Come on...Alex Jones = Bill Hicks = BS!!!

I have seen pictures, voice comparisions (which don't match btw), all kinds of crap out there making that suggestion.

No one likes a good "conspiracy theory" or a good joke more than me. The late Chuck Shramek was my best friend, after all. But this crap!?!?!?! That's even beyond Chuck.

It's a no-brainer.

William M. Hicks, was born December 16, 1961, in Valdosta, Georgia, the son of Jim and Mary Hicks. He died of cancer in Little Rock, Arkansas on Feb 26,1994 at the age of 32.

I'm not spending money to pull up the official Georgia state Hicks birth and Arkansas death records, but they are stated in enough places.

Bill Hicks
As If Productions
Encyclopedia of Arkansas History & Culture

Alexander Emric Jones was born February 11, 1974 to David Ross Jones and Carol Gretchen Hammon in Dallas, Texas. His father is still alive and practicing dentistry in Austin at the Castle Dental franchise office at 3001 Lamar St, Austin. The address that Alex says is his on the air all the time. Go there and see for yourself.

Here's the Jones birth we all know, he's still very much alive and shooting off his big mouth into a bullhorn.

Like Bill Hicks always said,

"Entertainment is a weapon."

And besides...I can understand why Jones would want to be Hicks, but why would anyone WANT to be Jones?

Texas public records. Look at the last line.

Kind of hard to be two people at once, don't you think? Give me a break.

To those out there spreading this crap...spend all that energy in a more productive manner why don't you? There's a lot of problems to solve that are WAY more important than that. Geeez!!

It seriously amazes me when I see unsubstantiated BS like this posted on boards. Hicks is dead, he is not Jones, what crap! By spreading this insane story you not only dishonor Hicks, but disrespect his family and friends, as well. Get a grip. Alex Jones is NOT Bill Hicks. Jones doesn't have the heart, the soul, or the guts that Bill Hicks had. We lost a lot when we lost Bill Hicks. We're still stuck with Jones. But the truth will always does. (secrets revealed?)

Bill Hicks - Voice Of Reason In A Mad World

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You can see how the cancer had ravaged his body. He died 13 weeks later.

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