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July 4, 2009


Continued from Part 2

To the best of my knowledge, neither Jeff Rense nor myself are "agents." I, of course, could be wrong; I don't know everything. To back myself up about what I do know, I am sharing my own personal experiences with these men and the issue at hand.

The picture you see above was taken and sent to Jeff during the program, the very first time Alex came on Jeff's show. It was sometime in 2003. I can't confirm the date, the archives don't go back that far, at present. As you can see, I was very excited about the collaboration. I have Jeff's book AIDS Exposed and my copy of 911 Descent into Tyranny and I was wearing the Tyranny Response Team shirt. I was very happy then, can you tell?

Now? Not so much. I am very unhappy about how it has all turned out lately, and with all the garbage I have been reading and hearing. There needs to be some clarification, for all of us. So here goes.

As I said, I was the one that hooked up Jeff Rense and Alex Jones.

There doesn't seem to be a good and accurate bio of Jeff out there. I found one here; but it is not right. Reading it I would do so with the note that if the ADL says you shouldn't read/listen/see something, you should probably read/listen/see it. Then, make up your own mind. One error in that bio that I can see right off the bat is the original show name was "The End of the Line", Sightings was second.

Since there appears to be a need for a bio, I contacted Jeff. He told me he and his brother, Rip have tried on more than one occasion to submit one on Wikipedia, but they keep getting removed. So, I told him if he sent me one, I'd post it, so he did, and I am. Here is an authorized bio of Jeff Rense.

"Jeff Rense is a renowned, highly-respected American broadcast journalist and host of the legendary Jeff Rense Program now in its 15th year and broadcast worldwide on the internet and also available on the Ku band satellite Galaxy 19. His program is syndicated over the Rense Radio Network (RenseRadio.com) which is also home to an enormous library of his archived programs.

Rense's radio program and phenomenally successful website, Rense.com, cover a vast subject and topic panorama including: in-depth geopolitical conspiracy research, Zionism and secret societies, our Constitutional rights and liberties, UFO sightings and reports, paranormal phenomena, emerging diseases and pandemic threats, GMO and toxic food, environmental concerns (see chemtrails), animal rights, evidence of advanced ancient technology, political intrigue, energy technologies, and health and alternative medicine and a multitude of other important and often eclectic, controversial subjects. Many of those topics Alex Jones does not even address.

The Jeff Rense Program is completely unique and original in its content and style, and his guests and web site material are routinely picked up by other talk shows and sites which seek to reveal the truth to the world at large. Rense grew up in Santa Barbara and began his media career in television news, spending 12 years as an award-winning news anchor and news director with network affiliate stations in CA, NV, OR and WA. He walked away from tv news when he realized it was no longer journalism but simply entertainment and propaganda.

Rense began his radio program in 1994 when his The End Of The Line debuted on Santa Barbara's top talk station. A year later, he was signed to a 5 year contract by the Premiere Radio Networks and nationally-syndicated. Between his 24 hour Rense.com worldwide news service and his M-F 3-hour talk program, Rense has rightly been called 'An American Treasure' by top journalists and fans alike. He loves nature and the outdoors and is one of the world's leading authorities on the music and life of tenor Mario Lanza and he hosts an elaborate Lanza website, mariolanza.net. In 2007, Rense released 3 CDs of rare Lanza recordings which he painstakingly remastered and produced."

Lorie K & Jeff Rense
The background is black because this picture was taken in his home, I respect his privacy.

I first met Jeff Rense via email, the program/web site was Sightings. I sent him an email requesting his permission to link to a news story on his website. I had just started building my own website, I was a big newbie, very green on the net. Jeff wrote back, I wrote back, and that has continued since 1997 or so.

I have never worked FOR him, I have always worked WITH him.

I have been to his home, I have met his family. I can attest to his time spent on his site and program. I have seen him plant his trees. I even went to Wal-Mart with him. (Gasp!)

I know well of his passionate interest in anything Mario Lanza because I have also shared in that. Transcribing old movie magazine articles and looking for memorabilia is a LOT more fun for both of us than the things on which either of us spend most of our time these days, believe me. We don't do much of either of the fun things anymore like we used to. Although somehow Jeff managed to crank out 3/three more Mario CDs. The guy doesn't sleep much.

Sightings.com webpage

Anyway, I think I have a pretty good sense of what Jeff is about and how he goes about it. His professional news background, and his dedication to free speech and freedom of inquiry are the reasons that he has had such a large audience for so many years.

He has spent 15 years on the radio, always struggling for bandwidth, just like everyone else. He does his own work to fight TPTB and allows people to make up their own minds about what is going on around them. He gets his share of harassment, big time; but you don't hear him whining about it all the time. When necessary, he addresses the issue like in the case of WINGS.

It is a core group of Jeff, James Neff the webmaster extraordinaire, and a few others for technical purposes and administration that runs Rense.com/radio. Jeff lists their names at the bottom of his home page.

There is no staff of twenty, or something. No one is rolling in dough. There are no rented office spaces. Everyone works their butts off with little or no financial compensation. Not enough for the value of their efforts, that's for sure.

I adore the Neffs. James has incredible talent, works ungodly hours, and their family is great. My sons love them too.

Jeff covers a WIDE range of topics and a WIDE range of opinions. Anyone who says he is anti-semitic hasn't been listening and is obviously ill informed on the topic of Zionsim vs Judaism. His subjects are not just political intrigue, he is greatly concerned with health issues, as well. And of course, UFO's and other paranormal topics are presented, which is one of the things that makes Rense a good journalist. Free-flow of information, remember?

Rense.com August 31, 2002

Rense respects people's intelligence enough to know that they can decide for themselves what is true, or not. He presents information. He states his own opinion on his own radio show.

JEFF doesn't believe everything that is reported on the site, that's not his job. Presenting the facts is his job. He posts links to stories he feels are important in the headlines column on his own site.

Over the years, many of those headlines and some stories have been submitted by me. I, for one, don't send him unverifiable crap. I have appreciated his venue and support his work. He is entitled to edit his own site and voice his own views on it, as are any of you in your own venues. As the old saying goes, "Take what works, and leave the rest."

People that complain about the stories on the site just don't get what real news is supposed to be about. I am sick and tired of hearing how some story that was merely linked to a story posted on another site was "posted on Rense's site." Bull! Check the link address! Unless the URL has "rense.com" in it, it's NOT on HIS site.


Here's a progression of the Rense site over the years. The "networks" change, but the staff remains the same.

Let's look...Rense.com in Retrospect



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