Rule of Law Removes Rise Up Radio Archive & Ends Program
Alex Jones Gun Show Story Gone

February 15, 2010
Lorie Kramer - Houston, TX

On January 27, 2010, John Bush and Catherine Bleish broadcast their program "Rise Up Radio" on Rule of Law Radio. The main topic of their report was a protest on January 25th in Austin, TX where a local gun show had been shut down. The reporting of this event has apparently led to the removal of Rise Up Radio from the Rule of Law program schedule, as well as the archived hours of the program.

This begs the question...why such actions from a network that claims to be about "Reclaiming our freedom with Scripture, truth, law, fundamental principles, & comedy!" Oh, I know, I know, it was a mutually agreed upon separation. The "contract" stipulations, and all that. As the site says, "The terms of this contract, to which all hosts on this network are bound, state that no bashing or other negative talk of any other talk show host on this network or any other network in the freedom movement will be allowed." I don't see a lot of freedom here, nor truth being shared, and I'm not laughing. Telling the truth about a situation is not bashing. Honestly reporting one's opinion, is not bashing, it's free speech. It is supposed to be protected speech on such networks, ESPECIALLY when "one of our own" deserves to be held accountable for their actions...AGAIN! It's a good thing to yell, "FIRE!", when the building's burning.

To me, the removal of the audio files of the January 27th Rise Up Radio program broadcast is censorship on the part of Rule of Law Radio. It appears that because Catherine Bleish and John Bush have the journalistic integrity to report on less than leader-like behavior of one of the so-called patriot movement's loudest "leaders"; they pay by being censored. The report was pulled off the Internet, the story silenced. That doesn't seem too scripture-like either, now that I think about it. Is Alex Jones somehow a sacred cow to Rule of Law Radio?

Prior, the program in question was readily available from the Rule of Law website, as can be seen by the screen capture below. Now, the January 25th and 29th shows remain, but the program which aired on January 27th has been removed. Click on the image for a larger view.

It's about accountability.

In addition, many are familiar with the video on YouTube entitled "Alex Jones Crashes Austin Pro Gun Rally, Then Lies About It On His Show" posted on January 30th. When this video went up, there was a link to the Rise Up Radio January 27th program. As can be seen in the close-up below:

This link, of course, went dead due to the removal of the file.

The good news is, Rise Up Radio is re-grouping. The websiteis here. A recent appearance with Jack Blood regarding the situation is also playing from the website.

Meanwhile, controversy over the situation continues on the Internet. One of the groups affiliated with the protest, Texans for Accountable Government, felt the need to apologize for the behavior of Alex Jones, and disassociate themselves from him.


This adds to my curiosity as to why Bush and Bleish were removed from the Rule of Law schedule. One would think that Jones' obnoxious and divisive behavior at the protest was nothing of which Rule of Law and it's programmers would approve. Where's the "Love One Another" in the type of behavior Jones exhibited? Why should Bush and Bleish be silenced for telling the truth? Anyone who heard the program heard the attendees and callers' reactions to the Jones antics. None were appreciative of the arrogant display which distrupted the gathering in Austin.

I have never heard of Rule of Law radio before this, but I'm not sure I've been missing much if this is how they deal with the hard truths of things.

Rule of Law radio has let down its listening community.

So where does this leave the story? Wouldn't you like to hear what Rule of Law found so bad they felt they had to lose a valuable program and hosts?? I thought you might. As Rise Up Radio is gathering steam, and Rule of Law radio loses listeners, please enjoy the program that caused all the commotion by using the links below. I have edited out the commercials, and split it up into 5 parts for easy listening and SHARING. THAT'S what free speech is all about; giving YOU the information so that you can make up your own mind. Consistently.

I am sure Rise Up Radio will be back in no time, have a right to the information, and you can get it right here.

Rise Up Radio - January 27, 2010
Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4
Part 5

Lorie Kramer - Houston, TX

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