Christian Media Research Site Hacked!

August 21, 2010
Lorie Kramer
Houston, TX

The Christian Media Research site has been hacked due to their publishing the article The Alex Jones Affair - A Christian Patriot Family Betrayed which includes "The John Gray Letter" and information which exposes the insidious and repulsive behavior of the Alex Jones Machine, Ted Anderson and GCN.

In doing regular site maintenence I clicked on the link on this page to the information. I found that the Christian Media Research page prompted a warning from Google and my anti-virus software that the site was an attack site and a trojan was threatening any visitor. I was shocked. The site had been fine the last time I was there several months ago.

Malicious code had been inserted on the CMR site that would create a trojan attack on any visitor to the site. I immediately removed the link to their site from mine so as not to jeapordize any visitors. The site owners have been contacted and repair will hopefully be completed soon. The consequences of this hacking effectively silenced the Christian Media Research group on the net. No one would continue on to their site because the attack site warning would pop up.

The site is also now listed as an attack site on Google.

Most likely, this is yet another attempt by the Alex Jones Machine to silence the truth behind the bullhorn. This is the same thing that happened to the information about the Alex Jones Machine that was originally posted on my personal website a year ago after the forced removal of Jeff Rense from the GCN network. However, just as when I was forced to purchase the domain to get the information out there in self defense, this hacking attempt just verifies the lengths that these people will go to, to keep you from knowing the truth about the Scarorism for Paytriots activities...past and present.

As I state on my pages, I am a tenacious person with a working heart. If the Jones machine thinks it has won another battle, let them...they are losing the war. Like I told you before, Alex, welcome to MY little corner of the Internet.

Thanks to the Wayback Machine, I have recovered the page that caused the Christian Media Research site to be hacked. I had to do screen captures to get it. The images below represent the complete page. So, even though there has been a concerted effort taken to remove this information from the net, thereby covering up the story, they have failed yet again. That's what happens when these arrogant creeps play these games. It comes back to bite them in the ass. the interest of true journalism, here's the page that caused the hacking of the Christian Media Research website....enjoy. I have trimmed down the background graphic to make the images more manageable, otherwise it is complete as posted on the CMR site. I will notify you when the CMR site has been repaired and the threat is gone.

Lorie Kramer

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