Who Knows Whom?

July 4, 2009

Continued from Part 10

Ready...or not.

Part of this story is who is connected to whom. As the old saying goes...it's not what you know, but who you know. Let's see who the Joneses know.

This week, a statement was put on the net by a former moderator of the Forum at PrisonPlanet.com, Chris Arnold. (The original page went dark when infowarstv.com went dark. This link recalls the page) I was listening to the Jones show the day he talked about Chris' website, so I know those comments are accurate. Alex's statements at the time were nothing but complimentary. I am sure if Chris had the date he could find it in the archives. Unless it is missing. For me, it looks like Alex has pulled a "WalMart" You know, how Sam Walton was so big on stocking only "Made In America" items in the beginning? Well, THAT sure went away after he died. WalMart has Chinafied itself.

It feels like Alex has done the same kind of thing. I've heard him espouse on multitudinous occasions how his materials were free to send around the globe. "Make copies. Send them everywhere." Chris Arnold was not making any money on his site, and he had a disclaimer on every page. Nuff said.

Alex has already made his own statement about this new "situation", the reversals you have seen/heard previously, if not, go to this page.

Anyway, the documents Chris included in his statement show connections that warrant concern.

Let's start with Mrs. Kelly Jones, the manager of Free Speech systems LLC. I mentioned a page about her before. She seems to be the party making the accusations against Mr. Arnold. Free Speech Systems, that was on the caller ID on the Rense phone when Jones made the call to Rense on March 24th. Alex Jones has a number of DBAs registered in Texas, but Free Speech Systems doesn't appear to be one of them.

Click on pic for larger image.

Free Speech Systems doesn't seem to have much of a website, just a contact form. Kind of hard to tell what they're about, huh? So I guess that means a little more research. Let's start with the domain name.

In checking whois for the domain: it is a private registration in the name of "Oneandone." In checking their website, we find the company described as "1&1 - Your international web hosting company. Our products and services are available worldwide:" with flags representing 5 nations. 1 & 1 is connected to Schlund + Partner who is "the leading registrar in Europe with over 4.5 million registered domain names. Schlund + Partner is part of United Internet AG." So, I guess Free Speech Systems can afford such an impresssive hosting for its global service.

More money seems to be spent by Free Speech Systems in the form of office space. This report from the Austin Business Journal states that office space was leased at the beginning of the year in Austin's University Business Center by Free Speech Systems.

In checking Texas records, we find that the manager of Free Speech Systems is Alex Jones.

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I would think Alex Jones would be listed as the owner or director, not manager, but maybe he's both. But it makes one wonder, who owns Free Speech Systems Inc? Kelly lists herself as Owner/Manager in the emails Chris Arnold shared.

In looking at the documentation, it appears that Free Speech Systems is not in good standing with the Texas Comptroller of Public Accounts. I wonder why? It says it's because, "This entity is not in good standing as it has not satisfied all franchise tax requirements."

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Let's see...the person named as the corporation's Registered Agent is an Elizabeth M. Schurig.

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Looks like Ms Schurig is doing very well for herself, a Texas "Super Lawyer." Alex's former lawyer is/was a Super Lawyer too. Mr. David J. Sewell, who looks like a nice guy. Ms. Schurig seems to have replaced Mr. Sewell, somewhere between May of 2007 and November of 2007, according to public records. I guess because they have different skills and times change, who knows?

Something tells me Super Lawyers don't come cheap. Schurig specializes in "the design of complex estate and business plans for U.S., non-U.S., and dual-citizen clients, and in assisting such clients with their pre-immigration and expatriation tax planning." 25 countries listed. And she "serves as outside counsel to several high net worth family offices." Like I said, not cheap.

This begs the question, why do the Joneses need someone with experience in dual-citizenship problems?

In addition, you'd think a Super Lawyer wouldn't let one of her client's companies enter into a status of "not in good standing." But what do I know from probably expensive Super Lawyers that specialize in dual-citizenship issues for people with a lot of money from 25 countries, and keeping up with Texas franchise tax requirements? Nothing.

She's probably just busy dealing with something or another in some other country, busy, busy, busy. I'm sure the last money bomb money will most likely be enough to cover any late fees or penalties, so no worries for Elizabeth.

That's a good thing, because then Elizabeth can have more time to take care of her other clients...like Holly B. Lev.

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