"See My Wiener"

July 4, 2009

Continued from Part 9

Those first weeks in April were one of the hardest times I have ever experienced in all my years doing this stuff. I thought I was handling it alright until I heard the Jones statement about the situation. I didn't hear it until a few weeks after all the drama went down. I was disgusted with Alex, I didn't want to hear his voice so I hadn't been listening to the show. But then; I heard the You Tube.

Listening to the statement is what finally did it for me. I thought, "so much of this is backwards!" I felt like I was back when the New York Times did the story on my friend Chuck Shramek and the Heaven's Gate suicides. What was being reported was not exactly what I knew to be happening from personal experience...kind of like "chemtrails."

So, then it occured to me...backwards...it is reversed.
I knew I had to reverse the statement to see what was really going on.

So I did.

For those not familiar with Reverse Speech please go to the best spot - the website of David John Oates. Here.
For those familiar with reverse speech, here is a sample of my reversing David John Oates during his appearence on the Rense program on October, 29, 2008. It's not one of my specialties, but I can do it.

Update 2.10.10 - To address emails and statements on message boards related to this page, I respond thusly: please read the bottom of this page.

OK, here they are, along with images of the wave files. Any one of you that has an audio editing program can reverse the statements and find them yourselves. The image of the audio file you see on your screen when you get there will match mine that are posted here. These are the words of Alex Jones regarding the Rense situation from the statement posted here, reversed and slowed down. Take from them what you will.

Forward speech in Black
Reverse Speech in Red
Listed in the order spoken in the statement.

"...and people that know about this are the only ones who understand it"
"They make sure there's no (??) this is my board, no more mutiny"

Listen here

"He posted a link to something saying...
"Yes, you must know it's lucky"

Listen here

"...he started yelling and cussing at me..."
"Man, you suck"

Listen here

"I said, 'Oh, you got somebody"
"...I'm settin' you up myself"

Listen here

...but with the Obama Deception"
"mish mess of the mob...believable

Listen here.

"You will be served"
"See my wiener"

Listen here

"...malice of forethought..."
"I'll throw through slime"

Listen here.

"With all the things that have gone on"
"gone on...put us against the wall."

Listen here

"...gotta counter it and defend my family."
"I'll mess with your life good"

Listen here

July 2, 2009

Alex has given yet another opportunity to see what he's saying. Below are reversals from Mr. Jones statement regarding other sites trying to be him. Whatever.

I haven't worked on the whole statement, so don't be surprised if more show up later, I won't be.

The sound was recorded from here.

"And that's not enough...give us everything!"
"Give your best to me... I'm the lone stander!"

Listen here.

"No! No! You're a murderer"
"You're a number!"

Listen here.

So where does this leave us? With more questions, that's for sure.

Let's keep going...take a deep breath. We can do this.
Alex Jones Who Knows Who??

UPDATE - 2.10.10 - Response - OH, I see. So because I am willing to examine a form of sound analysis that gives results similar to what one finds when researching information supplied by squiggly lines on a piece of paper from a lie detector, I’m a bit nuts? Because I have been interested in such information for 5 years and have a pretty good handle on recognizing reversals, especially when they are so blatant, I’m a bit nuts? Because I go into great detail in as much as supplying YOU with images of the wave files that YOU, should you so choose, decide to replicate this effort; YOU will have the identical voice patterns in your own work, I’m a bit nuts? Will you then be nuts too, because you get identical results? Even though you could record your own voice right now and play it back and see it for yourself, YOU doing it, _I’m_ a bit nuts? My mind is open, but not so open that my brain falls out. Check out reversespeech.com Learn a little. You should be so nuts.
BESIDES, you can discount that whole page and the rest stands on it’s own. Read all 12 parts, then tell me how nuts I am.
Does this sound nuts to you? Because this is more typical of my style.

I can only come from the position of my 56 years on this planet in study of many things for many decades.
I may have some weird opinions, but I have done the homework to get to them, and I always can show anyone else how I got there too.

I can in NO way directly hear reverse speech from someone’s mouth. I have never stated that, and no one who utilizes reverse speech, as far as I know “hears” it unaided by an audio editing program. The forward speech is recorded, played in reverse and examined for speech. Everyone does it, it is a natural thing for the species. The speech is not straight reversed for paragraphs, it is phrases and words, here and there. Please do not criticize or accuse me of something when you don’t even have the basics of the process of capture and analysis down.

I have been into audio since I was “The Happiness Girl” doing jingles and promos for WOHO AM radio in Oregon Ohio in the 60’s. I still work in it as I can. Digital audio is like heaven to someone who used to record reel to reel, before 8 track and re-used tapes by rubbing them with huge magnets to erase what was on them. I know how to splice. I have been doing this a long time; it is logical that the technology of reverse speech would be appealing to me, and it is.
I mostly work reporting, not reversing.

I learned about reverse speech years ago and finally tried it myself about 5 years ago, and can do it well.
I don’t spend much time on it, at all, but the seriousness of what was happening between Jeff Rense and Alex Jones and me prompted me to use it because I needed as much of a bead on the situation as I could get.

REGARDLESS. One can discount that whole page and the meat of the matter remains.
Jones is scarorism for paytriots, period.
All 12 parts when examined as a whole tells the story…with “government” documents to back it up.

THIS is how much this man cares about freedom of speech and patriots.



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