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I heard of Alex Jones long before I met him. As I can best recall, the first time I heard of Alex was in connection to a story about the poisoned Treaty Oak in Austin, TX. I then checked some more and found that he was working on getting information out about the control factors around us that are threatening our freedom. I thought that was great. There is an Alex Jones approved bio here.

Lorie K & Alex Jones - Dec. 13, 2003 - Alamo Draft House, Houston, TX
Does this look like I have a problem with this guy?

Lorie K & Alex Jones
Messin' around for Jeff Rense
Click button to listen. 1.5 min

Although I was having fun at the time, when Alex got to the "Join me, and I will complete your training" part, I remember thinking to myself, "Huh? Does this guy realize Jeff's background? How many years he worked in network news before anything took place on the net?" I realized Alex was doing his "Star Wars" thing, but geez.

I certainly have never known Alex nearly as well as I know Jeff. I have never listened to Jones as frequently as Rense, the style differences and topic variety of the two programs being the main reasons. I also wasn't available to listen to Alex much except when I worked weekends, back then. The few times I tried to email Alex, after I met him, I didn't get a reply. I don't read or post on any related boards.

So...within a few months of checking out Alex, I started suggesting to Jeff that he have him on, and he finally did. He didn't just jump on it, but he eventually had him on when he needed to get a slot filed. The first show went well, you can hear it in the Rense archives, probably, when the 2003 archives get in there.

Jeff then began to have Alex on as a monthly guest, at least; NOT just somebody he contacted a few times for interviews. Alex had his own regular day and week that he appeared on Rense. It was Mondays for a while, if I recall correctly, and Thursdays for a while. The shows are in the Rense archives. It is easy enough to verify that this statement is true.

Alex, in your on-air statement regarding this situation (I suppose this will get ME sued now) between you and Jeff, you described your relationship as "a radio talk show host who contacted me and interviewed me several times" I suppose that is technically true, but an obvious understatement. You also said that Jeff "asked to do a show on Genesis, I said 'Fine'." That can not be true Alex, I know Ted Anderson called Jeff about him being on GCN. In fact, Jeff did not have Alex on as a guest until AFTER Jeff was already broadcasting on Genesis. Jeff never asked to be on the GCN network, he was approached by Ted Anderson and they made an agreement. Is Alex confused over who runs GCN?

If anything, Alex's appearances on Rense gave Jones exposure to a larger audience that would not have heard of him otherwise. It wasn't like Jeff called Alex a bunch asking him to be on...he developed into a regular guest, for all intents and purposes. This means Rense had confidence in Alex's information and dependability, at the time..

Let's look at how many times you were on, Alex, and for how long each appearance lasted.

Alex Jones Appearances on Rense
1.20.043 hrs.11.28.053 hrs
3.29.042 hrs1.03.063 hrs
4.26.042 hrs1.30.063 hrs
5.24.043 hrs2.27.063 hrs
6.28.043 hrs4.03.062 hrs
7.29.042 hrs4.24.063 hrs
8.23.043 hrs5.22.063 hrs
9.01.041 hr6.08.061 hr
9.02.041 hr7.31.062 hrs
9.27.043 hrs8.28.062 hrs
10.25.042 hrs10.02.062 hrs
11.29.043 hrs10.23.062 hrs
12.29.042 hrs11.22.062 hrs
1.24.053 hrs11.27.062 hrs
2.28.053 hrs1.08.071 hr
3.28.053 hrs2.26.072 hrs
5.03.052 hrs4.3.072 hrs
5.23.053 hrs4.26.072 hrs
6.27.052 hrs5.24.072 hrs
7.11.052 hrs6.22.072 hrs
7.25.052 hrs7.26.072 hrs
9.26.052 hrs9.27.072 hrs
10.24.053 hrs10.25.072 hrs
to appear

That's 46 appearances with a total of 105 hours of guest time, over a span of 3 years.
This does not include whatever appearances took place in 2003.

Scheduling guests for a 5 day-a-week live radio program is an effort. One must plan ahead and when slots are marked "filled", then attention can be given to filling up the rest of the schedule. This is done for weeks and months in advance so as to allow for the schedules of the guests, as well as to make sure the schedule is full, and stays that way. The shows are LIVE. It is important for the guest to be there!

In 2007, I noticed that Alex's appearances were more sporadic, and a few times he was listed as a guest; but then there was no Alex when the show started. I didn't think much about it, at the time. I didn't ask Jeff about it. Alex was gaining in popularity, he had all those videos coming out and such, I figured he was busy doing his own thing.

I found out later that Alex had more than once been a no-call no-show, as we say at work when we miss a shift. We get "written up" for doing that.

Alex's show and site and the way he does things is vastly different from Rense. Jeff's show is more guest and content focused. He interviews people, lets them state their information and opinion, and throws in his own when he has something to contribute. He doesn't take call-ins, hardly ever. It's not a "talk-show" in that respect. He doesn't get all shouty and over emotional. He was a TV news anchor for over a decade before he started the radio gig. You don't generally see/hear newscasters present the news like a televangelist. I have never really heard him raise his voice on the show, on the telephone, or in person; no matter what was happening at the moment. There was one exception, he did shout at his bird to be quiet once. He has most definitely typed in all caps to me, on more than one occasion. When he is very angry, his magnificent vocabulary makes up for any unneccesary increase in volume. He doesn't shout and cuss and such, in my experience. That's just not the kind of guy he is. He is generally a gentleman. I think most of his guests and listeners would agree with that statement.

Don't get me wrong, we have had our moments over the years. I know he's irritated if he calls me "Missy". And there was the one time about 5 or 6 years ago when we got in a fight and didn't speak to each other for something like 8-10 months. But we got over it. I don't even remember what it was about any more.

That is how Jeff usually deals with things. If he finds sufficient reason to end a relationship, the person will be notified of his position - and then no contact will come after that. Out of sight, out of mind. HE attempted to do that regarding the Jones 'situation' with his statement. Jeff then directs his attention to other things.

He is more of a pessimist than I am, he would say realist. We can agree to disagree without bloodshed, most of the time.

Although he deals with some very frightening issues, no doubt (we are in very frightening times); his program is not overall fear based, IMO. Brad Steiger wouldn't be on otherwise. (shrug)

Alex seems to have gotten more and more excitable over the years. It's getting harder and harder to listen to his "trasmissions". Alex gets way more emotional than Rense. Jones is very theatrical. The big booming voice stuff, the Star Wars influences. The bull horn thing, heavily sensationalized product. Like when Will Thomas coined "Deep Sky" for the air traffic controller in the Boston area. We don't need to sensationalize this stuff folks, it's sensational all on it's own.

As Alex got louder, I started listening less. It feels like watching Jerry Springer, all the negativity and shouting and name calling. I can't refer many of my neighbors to listen to Alex because his hystrionics would be so off putting to them, they would not be open to anything further I would suggest they examine. It is not necessary to whip people into a frenzy by shouting, nor is it necessary to call people who disagree "morons" and the like. That's Major Asshole behavior, in my opinion.

I have done enough live radio to know how bad it sucks when a guest doesn't show up, or there are technical difficulties in the broadcast. The most I have ever been stiffed in that respect was 30 minutes and that was hell. I can't imagine having to deal with the "loss" of hours and having to pull up something dated to put on in place of the original content. When one is doing live radio and the planned content doesn't happen, it is VERY hard to fill in that time and make it work, sometimes even if it's just a few minutes. These actions by Alex came to a head in November of 2007, and Alex was never a guest on Rense after that. Jeff was angry, I am sure, I would be too if it had happened to me.

Be angry and do not sin; do not let the sun go down on your anger,
and give no opportunity to the devil.

Ephesians 4:26-27

So let's go look at the Jones web world

Infowars in Retrospect



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