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July 4, 2009

Continued from Part 5

Looking back at the Joneses sites, like we did at the Rense sites; we can find some interesting details. I'm not going to elaborate much here and now.

This is just to show how things have grown over the years.

May 6, 1999

Link - "Jews For The Preservation Of Firearm Ownership

July 31, 1999

July 31, 1999

October 7, 1999

October 13, 1999

February 2000

Email address

December 31, 2004

Jauary 6, 2006

April 14, 2009

Enough reminiscing. Let's get back to the next player in the story
Ted Anderson and Genesis Communications Network
Ted and GCN



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Lorie Kramer - Houston, TX

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