The Last Straw

July 4, 2009

Continued from Part 8

The Jones Statement

March 30, 2009

Transcribed from here.

As I mentioned earlier, this was the straw that broke this particular camel's back.
Silence is consent, I do not consent to what was said in this statement, I will explain.

Alex Jones' words in black.
Lorie Kramer's comments in purple.

Ya know, a side issue and people that know about this will be the only ones who understand it.
Not anymore. And your pushing it under the rug, yet making this statement speaks volumes to me, Alex.

There's a radio talk show host who contacted me and interviewed me several times,
Huh? Distortion #1. GROSS understatement...see the chart of Alex's appearances on the Rense program this page.

...asked to do a show on Genesis, I said fine.
Distortion #2. I was there. I communicate with Rense just about every day. GCN came to Rense, not the other way around. And hey, doesn't Ted Anderson own GCN, or is Alex, and/or me, confused here? Do potential hosts have to have the Jones stamp of approval to have a show on GCN?

He posted a link...
That's right folks, a LINK. A link in the headlines column on a news website. A LINK something saying...basically said I may have murdered William Cooper.
Whatever the page said, it WAS NOT on Rense's site. It was A LINK. AS I said earlier, unless is in the URL, it's NOT "on Rense's site." DUH! Get a clue. It's like not all Jews are zionists. Get it?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!

When I called him up, he started yelling and cussing at me and I said, "Ya know, this is very destructive, this is not nice. What you're doing ya know, uh, to sit there and talk about my family and lies and all this."
The story on the Real Jew News site made the accusations. Wait a minute here. I would bet mucho dinero that didn't happen that way. MUCHO dinero. I heard Alex on the air before he made the call. He was, "...trying not to go into overdrive." I can't give an example because the archive of that show is missing from the Jones site.

He started yelling and cussing at me and I heard him go to speaker phone and I said, "Oh you've got me on speaker phone" and I said, "Oh, you've got somebody listening. You want me to yell at you now."
* Remember this statement. BTW, I turned down an audio statement for this report from the person in the room that witnessed the call. Mainly, because I don't need it. (And even if I would have accepted it an put it up here, people would just say it was a fake or something, so I'll just stick with my own words.) I know Jeff too well, and I heard for myself the condition Jones was in before the call was made. Jeff wasn't expecting the call at all, and is not a yeller and a screamer unless extremely pushed. There is no doubt in my mind who was screaming at whom, and Jeff's emails right after confirmed it for me. Nice try Alex, but few people that have known you and/or Rense for any length of time are buying that one, especially me.

And I didn't say any of the things he's saying. I said here,
Excuse me, I beg to differ. I got an email from Jeff right after the call. Jeff offered to take the link down but Alex said that wasn't good enough, it was too late, it was all over the net. Alex, he quoted you to me, and knowing how you get, and your Star Wars flare for the dramatic, I know you said the thing about if Jeff wanted to start a "war" it would go to the "corners of the Internet"; and you know it too. I don't doubt it for a second. Well, welcome to MY little corner of the Internet. Your weak BS doesn't fly here.

Thank God I have witnesses here in the studio while I was on the phone.
* Remember?'s great that Alex has "witnesses" to his call, but Rense putting the call on speaker phone to have another set of ears confirm it is somehow not Kosher? Huh?

We've had somebody try this before...
So has Rense, and it has escalated in the past with others. Which is why I was not at all surprised that Jeff filed a police report. He has done so in the past when threatening events have occured. I know this to be a fact, and I know names. I'm going to take legal action against the other people that air any of it and I promise that.
I see. So I guess my response here would be...bring it.

Uh, so ummm

I've got so many other things to do so much work to do but at this point I just have to defend myself and my name.
So, if that is the case, why aren't you filing against the site the story was posted on? Why did you seem to order Ted Anderson to kick Rense off GCN for posting a LINK? Why haven't you gone after others like Victor Thorn & Lisa Guliani that have plagued many a truth fighter over the years, myself included? You, yourself know what they are about, here's an example that would actually be worth it, why not go after them?


Just amazing...and it is a crime to file false police reports if this person's done what they say they've done.
After knowing Rense for over 12/twelve years, and listening and observing Jones for 7 or 8, there is no doubt in my mind that what Rense reported to the police was exactly what happened.

It's his, his jealousy has gone to a rampant new level.
When I heard that one, I just shook my head and laughed. The first thing I thought of was some immature little punk whining about how the opposing party in some "competition" was "jealous." What the heck does Rense have to be jealous of Jones over? They have two completely different sets of styles, goals, interests, and ways of going about them

The Obama Deception,
I am certain Rense is appreciative of any legitimate effort to grow awareness of the control factors operating in this country. His 15 years doing his program has more than demonstrated that. However, Rense is just not into making movies and doing the self promotion thing. He likes his space and privacy. Anyone who has known him for a while knows that about him. That's one of the reasons freedom and liberty are so important to him. Sorry, why would Jeff be "jealous" of the Jones productions? Fighting the NWO has not consumed Jeff. He has a life. Don't believe it? How did those Mario Lanza CD's get produced? I've seen him plant his trees, I have seen the waterfall he built. Jealous? That was the ONLY laugh I had while listening to this whole disappointing statement.

...the fact we're breaking out internationally,
The Rense program has had an international audience for well over a decade. I know this because I see who comes to my articles to which links. It is a different type of audience than the typical Jones listener. There is room for more than one talk show host on the planet, and more than one kind of host. Besides, remember, I can walk down the street and ask the first 20 people I meet if they have heard of either one of you and I'd bet no one would know who the heck either of you are. Get over yourself Alex. Last week, on the way home in the car, on Clear Channel, I heard Michael Savage say "Am I the only one who sees the emperor has no clothes today?" I shuddered. He sounded just like you, Alex. Truthfully, I don't think your "breaking out" has much to do with you.

Everything we're doing.
"Everything we're doing" Wow. Did it ever occur to you Alex, that a different person might not want to be doing what you are doing? If Rense wanted to be "doing what you are doing", he would have done it years ago. He has plenty of contacts and resources in that way. Over a dozen years in main stream network news does that. Sightings On the Radio came from a deal with Henry Winkler. Rense is not into self promoting as much as Alex is. I have begged Jeff for years to put out at least bumperstickers, and he has refused. It's not about that for him. He doesn't need to hawk T-Shirts and DVDs and books and videos. He is into different things like alternative health and energy related issues, and yes, UFOs and the paranormal.

Free flow of information, remember?

Alex, I hate to break it to you, but everybody doesn't want to be you. Rense was doing EXACTLY what he wanted to be doing, except he didn't have his own network, yet. But because of you, that dream became a reality. I guess we really should thank you.

But we will not be silenced, we will not be stopped.
Uh huh. So that means it's perfectly OK for YOU to try to silenceand stop another radio host? Because you are afraid of a link? Methinks he doth protest too much?

With all the things that have gone on...


Absolutely amazing.
You can say THAT again.


This individual says I threatened their family, completely made up.
Where does Rense say that? That is fabricated. YOU completely made that one up, Alex.Here is his statement.

I said, uh, I said to the person, "Why are you talking about my family and saying lies? You've sat there, called me up at night, told me privates about your family.
Another whopper. The "privates" at most were shared examples of teenage girls and their issues with today's society and fathers. Big whoop. EVERY father of a daughter deals with that. If anything, Alex was the one calling Rense, Jeff still has the phone messages and such. Sorry, Alex, that one didn't fly either. Rense has never considered you any kind of confidant.

I've never talked about your family. I've never talked about that.
Either has Rense, so you are even. But I do remember this from your family.

I see, boy do I see, you are so busted, Alex. That's what I see.

That's how the schizophrenic... I guess that's how it is...mind does these types of things and then twists them so...

People finally want the gloves to come off...
People? They do? Well then they sure must be liking these pages, huh?


The groups that uh, no doubt will put this on to attack me more.
As stated earlier, this whole thing makes me sad and sick. No "attack:" here, it's called ACCOUNTABILITY. Something we seem to have forgotten about in our country AND our media.

You will be served.
As I said before, bring it. These are YOUR words. I have no problem with my words. I have to agree with tom here.

Full money, full lawsuits.
Go for it.


Cuz you know, you plan to, with malice and forethought,


Put out false information to do me harm, has been said definition of slander and libel
Then you should have thought about that before you made this statement.


So just everybody's on notice for that, and
I don't take notices from you, Mr. Jones, thank you very much. The only thing I'm noticing here is a desperate ego gone wild.


This other stuff ...but I have to continue. I'm not going to let this become a big distraction and diversion from everthing we're doing, and with, my guests just know what I'm talking about. Only folks that know about this will be aware of it and I'm not going to discuss it any further.
I have no problem telling the story. I have nothing to hide. You're not going to come clean? Oh well. That might be a good thing, except for an apology, maybe that would be better.

I may not be on the air a few days this week because I've got to go prepare suits. This has to be done properly with law firms. It takes a lot of time, a lot of energy to do it right.
OK. so we're waiting. I especially want to see how you proceed with a lawsuit against someone who posted a link to a news story on his news site. You going to use the money bomb money for that? Not any of mine, I didn't give this time. You going to use your regular lawyer?

An uh

So that's it. A lot of mental, a lot of mental illness out there and I've got to counter it and defend my family.
Well let's just say somebody needs a big break, mental health is certainly a factor here. Next time, Alex, go after someone who is really attacking you. Links don't have that power. If you don't like the statements in the Real Jew News story, or ANY story or message board post; address them, or ignore them and let people minds do their own thing. And get over being king of your message board, let people talk.

The BS stories and "attacks" are what we ALL face doing this work. You are nothing special in that respect. Get over it or deal with it. Answer the questions you seem so afraid to see posted. Then, your position will be known. As it stands now, you are behaving just like those you claim to be fighting. I wonder why? I am extremely sorry to say that just as I am regarding the MSM, I certainly don't trust you anymore. You are the pot calling the kettle black.

Still think this is a bunch of whooey? Well, let's look at the statement another way.

The Jones Statement...Part 2
"See My Wiener"



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